Mitch is sitting in his room watching TV, but Alexander has other things on his to do list while at the bear run and Mitch is one of them. Sucking cock in the living room quickly turns to eating ass and fucking in the bedroom with Alexander on his back taking cock and Mitch draining his load with Alexander?��s thick load not far behind.

There are many ways to relax at a bear run. A hot bear massage is one of them. That's just what Tone is looking for and what Buck is there to provide and more. It's not long before Tone has a cock in his mouth and Buck has a nice, fat ass in his hands. An ass that needs Bucks cock massaging deep inside. After some deep fucking Tone licks on Bucks full balls as he explodes all over his belly before Buck cums all over Tone chest

After getting lost in the Florida swamp on a camping expedition, Hot and sweaty Muscle Bear Rock Ramsey walks up on the sexy and furry Steve King clearing his land after the evening storm. Desperately needing a sip of water Steve leads him to the front of the house where both share a wet sip from the same outdoor hose. Hands grip, eyes meet, sweat drips and both mouths swap drooling kisses as these guys make 1st contact on that humid day. Soon the sky darkens and both wander under cover for some hot, outdoor storm sex. Thunder roars and lightning crashes all around them as mouths get filled with hard sweaty humid cocks. Rocks Hard prick soon slides easily into Steves moist hole deeper and deeper as rain pours all around them. Sweat drips off of their hard bodies and on to each other as these guys swap sweat. Legs up in the air Steven can only beg for more inches as tight asses clench in the summer Florida swamp. Pushing back his butt as far as he can go, Rocks need to unload is too difficult to bear. Both explode thick white milky loads on their muscle chests mixed with each others sweat from the long rainy humid fuck. Then both buds collapse onto each other after a hard rain driven Florida swamp fuck.
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